The Witchfinder is a short interactive story made for the 2017 #bitsygamejam The story takes place in a kingdom at war with an army of witches, led by the Witch Queen. You are an assassin and an expert witchfinder tasked with killing her once and for all. 


Space to START

W or Up Arrow for UP

S or Down Arrow for DOWN

A or Left Arrow for LEFT

D or Right Arrow for RIGHT

Also yes, the game's title was influenced by  Witchfinder by Electric Wizard. \m/

Have fun! Special thanks to my friends, my two mutts <3, and last but certainly not least Adam Le Doux for hosting the jam and creating Bitsy. Had a lot of fun learning how to use it the past few hours, might even submit another game. Thanks for making Bitsy and making it easier for people to express themselves through their very own video game. Definitely gonna tell my friends about Bitsy. Cheers! 

Special thanks to the DSR squad, 

and everyone that supports my games. 



Download 12 MB


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The writhing witches are fantastic.

Much appreciated! Thank you! :)

Really enjoyed this! It felt like I was going on an epic quest with the long journey at the start :D I loved the colour palette you used too

Thank you so much! <3 

Well written my friend! Cheers!

Thanks man! Cheers!

Hey that was really good! I just stumbled upon this after checking out bitsy for the first time. Clever use of the color palettes switching to indicate someone watching. Good story telling with limited tools! There were a few missed wall tiles in some of the early scenes allowing you to wander down. I felt the music was unnecessary and a bit distracting. I didn't feel like it needed any to be honest, but maybe something more ambient would have been more immersive? Good work. =D

Hey there! Thank you so much for the feedback! Just checked and you're totally right, there were a bunch of missing wall tiles. Actually I was originally planning on using an ambient track, which I still might. Really appreciate the feedback, it helps a lot! Thanks again! <3